Why ufo-alert.com?

  The ufo-alert.com website is developed with the purpose that ordinary people can report a UFO sighting at the exact moment it is occurring, in the shortest possible time. They can also report UFO events from earlier dates, of course. But the aim is to alert in real time other people who are in the Telegram group, following the Twitter account, and who are registered on the web, with the parameters of their account within those given by the observer and thus send him an e-mail.

  In order to carry out this action, a form has been programmed that launches some announcements that will be produced instantaneously in Telegram, Twitter and by e-mail. In order to be aware of the announcements in each of the channels you should follow in Twitter to the account @UFOAlert_com. Be on the open Telegram channel UFO-alert. In order to receive the notification by e-mail you must indicate the "UFO level of certainty" with which you want to be notified.

  To find out quickly how to act and what you can expect from the system read the section How to participate?

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